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Facilitators needed for Habit Hacker PALS 28-day alcohol reduction challenge. Join the challenge with two or more friends or whanau and get advanced training in alcohol reduction techniques. Find out more below!

Habit Hacker PALS is a 28-day challenge for alcohol reduction. It is a free programme that offers easy-to-use and simple alcohol reduction techniques. Set goals, create plans, get feedback on a series of tests and have access to a goal coach to help them along the way. Habit Hacker PALS is unique because it contains tips and strategies for alcohol reduction based on lived experience and what has worked for others. 

  • We are seeking people to start training in the middle of December 2022 to become Habit Hacker PALS facilitators. We are looking for people who want to reduce their alcohol use and are interested in helping others. Your role as a Habit Hacker PALS facilitator will be to form a team of whanau and friends to cut back on alcohol with the Habit Hacker PALS programme for 28 days. 
  • Habit Hacker PALS facilitators get access to free training on how to facilitate and support alcohol reduction. Training will consist of four short online videos about motivation, strategies for change, and simple approaches to helping others stay motivated and connected to the Habit Hacker PALS programme. These skills can apply to any area of life and will benefit you during the programme and in the future.

To be eligible to be a Habit Hacker PALS facilitator, you need to be willing to refer at least two friends or family members to your team and be ready to reduce alcohol for 28 days. During the study, you will also need to be willing to complete four online training sessions and 3 questionnaires and engage in weekly email check-ins with a Habit Hacker PALS goal coach. Facilitators will be reimbursed up to $130 for completing their facilitator training sessions and participating in the study. This Koha recognises the costs and time of participating in this research.

We are now recruiting people to begin online training in December. Email Sarah Oommen for more information and to register your interest.







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