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Our research focuses on a variety of addiction content areas, both traditional and emerging. We approach addiction research by exploring its prevalence, developing interventions, and providing support for implementing strategies to reduce addictive behaviours or consumption. To ensure that our research is grounded in lived experience, we have developed a methodology that combines content and thematic analysis.

Our approach involves applying data mining techniques to online sources to extract consumer comments and stories about addiction recovery. We then use a data synthesis approach to extract, code, categorize, and prepare mined data for consumer intervention resources across content areas. This ensures that our research starts and ends with individuals who have real-life experience with addiction, and that knowledge translation is immediate because the research is by and for individuals.

Some of our research projects have focused on creating self-help resources for established and novel addictions such as internet gaming, pornography, social media, gambling, and sugar. Our team has also conducted randomized controlled trials examining the impact of brief interventions for addiction, as well as feasibility studies examining interventions for internet-enabled addictive behaviours and sugar. Additionally, we have conducted pilot studies of interventions designed to improve goal setting and implementation intentions for reducing addictions, including randomized controlled trials conducted online and in the community, such as in gambling venues.



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