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Recent projects

Recent projects

Our team is always busy with interesting and innovative projects aimed at furthering our understanding of addiction. Our current projects are no exception.

One of our ongoing studies focuses on identifying barriers to behaviour change using machine learning. By analysing data from the internet, we hope to gain insight into the various obstacles that people face when trying to make positive changes in their lives.

Another intriguing project we're working on is investigating whether sugar is addictive. Through in-the-moment sampling, we're exploring whether people experience withdrawal and tolerance effects like those associated with other addictive substances. If you're interested in participating, keep an eye out for the study in August of this year.

Our work also includes developing interventions to reduce addictive behaviours. Ember Takitini funded a unique project that invites participants to work with their friends and family on an internet intervention. We're currently analysing data from the project, so stay tuned for some interesting findings.

We collaborate with treatment services as well and recently conducted a survey on Internet Gaming Disorder. Our findings revealed that the addiction workforce is eager to address gaming addiction but lack the resources and tools to do so effectively.

Finally, we're proud to have partnered with PGF Services and the Salvation Army Oasis to develop the first gambling screening tool in New Zealand. This tool provides immediate feedback on gambling behaviour and is available on their websites. Check it out if you're interested in learning more about your own gambling habits.


Is sugar addictive? Funded by the Health Research Council, Explorer Grant.

Synthesis of a million stories with natural language processing, Funded by the Health Research Council, Explorer Grant.

Evaluating an internet-delivered intervention grounded in lived experience for alcohol reduction: A pilot and feasibility study. Funded by Ember Korowai Takitini.

Convergence of gaming and gambling in treatment services. Funded by the Health Research Council, Research Activation Grant.

The co-design of an e-mental health service for minimising gambling harm: An implementation evaluation. Funded by the Ministry of Health Project

The co-creation of behaviour change resources for people who gamble and affected others


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