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Seeking participants

Are you looking to make a difference in the field of addiction research? The Change Strategies Project provides a unique opportunity for individuals to get involved in every aspect of their work. As a research project grounded in real-world lived experiences, the voices of those with experience of addiction are the project's most important priority.

The team is always seeking individuals to get involved in various aspects of their work. This could mean contributing to the review of new programs or providing new ideas on how to understand or change addiction. The project requires people with different types of experience, ranging from those who have reduced their own addictive behaviours to professionals and family members.

Getting involved may also mean participating in studies aimed at changing addictive behaviors. Some studies may require completing tests and signing up for about a month. To ensure the effectiveness of the program, participants may be asked to fill out tests again in a month or even six months later. The project has a small amount of funding and offers a combination of small gifts for participants' time or the opportunity to go into a draw. So, if you want to make a difference in the field of addiction research, the Change Strategies Project might be just the opportunity you've been looking for!Our past tasks involving thousands of helpful people:

  • Provide your opinion on how to limit or reduce gambling
  • Review a workbook on alcohol reduction
  • Test new program to reduce sugar consumption
  • Review guidelines for family members impacted by gambling
  • Take a test three times over three months and get feedback on sugar consumption
  • Test a new program on pornography and internet reduction
  • Tell us about your caffeine use - is it really that hard to quit?
  • Reduce your internet gaming through our online tools
  • Join the New Year challenge to cut alcohol for a month

Stay informed about our new projects by checking this page regularly and following us on Facebook. By doing so, you will receive updates on our latest initiatives and be the first to know about new opportunities to get involved.




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