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Get involved in scientific projects

The Change Strategies Project has opportunities for people to get involved in every aspect of our research. Our work is grounded in real world lived experience which means listening to the voices of people with experience of addiction is our most important priority.

We are often seeking people to get involved. Being involved might mean helping with reviewing new programs or some new ideas on how we understand or change addiction. Each of the projects need people with different types of experience. Sometimes they are people who could reduce their own addictive behaviours and other times it might be professionals or family members.

Being involved might also mean participating in a study to change addictive behaviours. These studies will normally ask you to complete some tests and then sign up for about a month. Because we want to know that the program works you could be asked to fill out some tests again in a month or even 6 or 12 months later. Most projects have a small amount of funding, and we offer a combination of small gifts for your time or the opportunity to go into a draw.

Our past tasks involving thousands of helpful people:

  • Provide your opinion on how to limit or reduce gambling
  • Review a workbook on alcohol reduction
  • Test new program to reduce sugar consumption
  • Review guidelines for family members impacted by gambling
  • Take a test three times over three months and get feedback on sugar consumption
  • Test a new program on pornography and internet reduction
  • Tell us about your caffeine use – is it really that hard to quit?

We usually let people know about new projects via this page and also on Facebook. If you are interested then like us so that you will hear of new projects as they arise.




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